DEMO download

  • Version 1.30
    Released on 19th of June, 2018

    Update Summary

    • Fixed a bug on the full screen mode which did not work.
    • Fixed a bug when opening the image file which EXIF information is abnormal.
    • Fixed an installer not to change the environment variable, %Path%.
    • Fixed a bug on the adjusting level function.
    • Reduce the size of the update package.


    Note: If security is so strict that you cannot download this software from noncompliant SSL site, download the trial version from here.

Demo Version.Specifications

The demo version provides experiential understanding of most PanoMeasure2 software functions.

(The demo version does not provide access to the date reading function that powers the coordinate conversion function can be assessed by outputing in DXF format and reading the with CAD)

The demo version also has the following restrictions.

  • ・An expiration date (The expiration date can be extended by installing a now demo version.)

  • ・Demo images are automatically loaded at startup.(It is also possible to read other images at later time)

  • ・When the number of measurement points you have used exceeds the limit, date will no longer be automatically saved.

  • ・When the number of measurement points you have used exceeds the limit, no further external output can be performed.

Note: Demo version specifications are subject to change without notice.