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Measuring Dimensions,Creating 3D Drawings

With your panoramic image on the computer screen it is possible to virtually measure the dimensions of a room as well as objects in the image.It is also possible to create a three-dimensional drawing by plotting and connecting selected points.

3D Diagrams in View Mode,Data Output Functions

When you connect points on an image,you can check what you have done by looking at the 3-D diagram(without the photographic image) in View Mode.

Date created this way can be output in DXF or CSV formats and used with CAD software such as AutoCAD.

Example 1:PanoMeasure2 3-D diagram in "View Mode"

Example 2:Figure captured from AutoCAD by AUTODESK

Drawing integration is possible with coordinate conversion functions

Cameras like THETA can obtain single-shot omnidirectional image, but even with THETA S, (depending on the level of accuracy you require) this is limited to a 5 meters radius. Image of larger areas contain distortion. To maintain accuracy it is necessary to take multiple shots when spaces are laeger than 5 meters or when there is a blind spot (an area hidden behind, or shadowed by, something). To fuse multiple images, use the coordinate conversion function.

The figure on the right shows how a 10×6m floor can be divided into five blocks to create multiple images that can later be combined into a single spherical image.

After images are captured with a THTEA or other camera and drawings are created, coordinates and directions are jumbled. This is because the coordinates are determined according to the position and orientation of the THETA camera.

Using the coordinate conversion function, it is possible to integrate drawings created from separate images by unifying their orientation and coordinates.

Product Specifications

Operating OS
 PanoMeasure2 works on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and10.
   We don't recommend to work on Windows XP and Vista. 

 Note: If you are using an old CPU/GPU, PanoMeasuare2 may not work on Windows10 even if it works normally on Windows 7 or 8. Windows 10 does not function with drivers without signatures or with old signatures, so a general-purpose Microsoft driver is loaded when the manufacturer has not provided a Windows 10 compatible driver. This limits the original functions of the loaded graphics chip. For example, in a Core 2 Duo generation computer with any of the chipsets, Intel G21/Q43/Q45/G43/G45, since the driver for Windows 10 is not from Intel, the internal GPU equivalent of OpenGL 2.1 is not provided. 

Using an old computer? Don’t upgrade to Windows 10.

Compatible Devices:
computers and tablets with GPU, with OpenGL 2.1 or higher support
Memory requirement

 2 GB or more, Remaining storage requirement: 50 MB or more

Image Compatibility/ Supported Panoramic Images

 Omnidirectional (360 degree, spherical panorama) images taken with a RICOH THETA camera are compatible with this software. It is assumed you will use ThetaCube to convert these images to equidistant cylindrical projection images.
 PanoMeasure2 is also compatible with synthesized, horizontally-adjusted panorama images from a PTGui or Hugin. All images must be converted to “cubic panorama” data format before they can be manipulated with the PanoMeasure2.
 Maximum cubic panorama image size allowance: 3000 × 3000 pixels